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small batch poetry

Club Soft Things is a collective of artists who interrogate and explore constructions/expressions of gender through the intersecting lenses of race, sexuality & class. Our press works to redistribute wealth and resources by providing free publishing, promotion, and distribution to artists who have historically been denied the access our privileges afford us.  

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money for artists

We work with a focus on redistributing wealth and resources. With that in mind, money for writers is the number one priority for us (right after making pretty books). We split our profits 80/20 (Artist/CST). We know there is money out there to be made, and we want to make sure artists get compensated for the countless hours that go into their work.



kiki nicole



“I like writing that immerses you in a scene,” Nishi-Strattner said, “A lot of poetry feels inaccessible . . . or it feels like a chore to get through, or like it’s highbrow, like if you don’t get it, you’re stupid or uneducated, and I think that’s dumb.”— Interview with Andrew Jankowski


Gary Gamza


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books made with love

I’ve been writing and producing my own books since I was a kid. It’s just something I’ve always done. As Club Soft Things I’ve been publishing poetry exclusively for the past three years. I’m extremely proud to work side by side with so many talented creators who also happen to be some of the most wonderful caring people you’ll ever meet. I want to make beautiful books that you fall in love with. - Emily Daniels, Mom




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